A Tale of Two Experiences

If you read this blog more than a few times, you know that I am a bit obsessed with Marketing and Customer Care. The reason is that I see such a parallel in businesses creating good experiences for people and churches creating good experiences with people.

So I was sitting at lunch yesterday and a friend shared with us a good experience she recently had a major department store. A clerk had actually done something special for her, and now she is “spreading the good news” about her experience. Unfortunately, I shared a negative experience that I had with the same store. So the stories cancelled each other out.

The point is that both of us felt compelled to tell of our experience. These days we all tell of our experiences everywhere from Facebook to Trip Adviser to Yelp. You would think stores would be more obsessive about creating good experiences.

I am in different churches all of the time. Many seem just as oblivious to this thought as many stores. Not that churches are doing “business” but your church will never get a chance to impact someone’s life if they have a negative experience with you. It amazes me how many  people in churches never speak, never greet the guest, don’t even smile. Oh, there are always a few people who are friendly, outgoing and welcoming. but that isn’t enough!

If your church rarely experiences “second time” guests you may be doing a poor job of creating a positive experience for people. This isn’t the job of just a few people – it is everyone’s responsibility. I am slowly working on a brief e-book about creating good first time experiences for guests in church. Hopefully, I’ll get it done soon.