Yesterday was the first cool day of September. Being a lover of summer, I’m not ready to see it go yet. But, seasons change. Each season has its good points and bad points. We experience other kinds of seasons in life. There are big seasonal changes such as family situations change, vocational changes and the aging process. But there are also smaller seasonal changes that I have learned to pay attention to.

In my line of work, there are very busy times and not so busy times. There are times when I am in front of groups of people so much that I get tired of hearing myself talk. And then there are will be several weeks where I am not in front of people.

What I have learned is to roll with the seasons. During the slower times – I slow down. I don’t try to force busyness on those periods of time. Instead, I catch up on reading, focus on those important-but-not-urgent tasks, and just let life happen. I came through one of those seasons last month. It was great. I knew it would be short lived, because with the coming of fall my calendar gets jammed up. I was able to “rest into” the busy season.

I also pulled back from a lot of social media stuff for a while and got outside – remember outside? So, I haven’t been blogging, and have posted only a few Twitter or Facebook posts.  Hopefully, now I can return to the discipline of blogging (I never blog enough, I know), and engaging in other media more. But it sure has been nice!