Will Mancini’s New Book Innovating Discipleship

My favorite consultant Will Mancini just released his newest work in book form. Some of this material has been available in other forms, but finally it is all in one place and it is great stuff.  I plan to do a series of posts on this material but first a teaser. What kind of results are you looking for in your church? Mancini suggests there are three types: input, output and impact. Input results are the traditional numbers like attendance and offerings. Output results are things like growing mature Christians. Many churches these days are putting a big focus on Discipleship, and this is good. But there is another type of results: impact. Is your church really making a difference in the world?

The new book may be found here http://tinyurl.com/nm3r2nw. It is a short book but it is jam packed with good stuff. More soon!