Stupid People Need Not Apply

OK, I know that title is a bit harsh, but….

So I am soliciting bids through Elance for someone to typeset the book I am planning to self-publish. Elance is an interesting company that connects freelancers with people looking for specific types of work. You can log in from either side (looking for work, looking for someone to do work).

The first proposal from a freelancer came through. This is the literal response from this guy:

Relevant Experience and Qualifications:                                                                     HI, i`m glad u wrote a book, and i hope it will be successful. Hope u will chose me for cooperation, i can type set your book, and also propose u some cover samples.

Approach to the Job:
First thing about design is making client happy. That`s why i love communicate with clients a lot, and hear their wishes. I would typeset you book in InDesign.

I’m thinking that perhaps he’s not the guy for the job. Why would anyone hire someone for this kind of job who doesn’t exactly have a grasp on the rules of grammar? I’d think that would be one of the qualifications for getting a book ready for print! You would think he would at least get someone who knows the rules to coach him on how to make a proposal.