I had a PET/CT Scan last week. This scan looks for places in your body that have unusual activity. This is done by sending some radioactive sugar into your blood stream and tracking where it ends up. In my case, I had to lay perfectly still for two 30 minute periods back to back while the machine took pictures.

Today, I went to Dr. Mattern to get the results. We had to wait for what seemed like forever, since the PET Institute had forgotten to send the results over. They finally faxed it over. The results were that the tumor has shrunk quite a bit, and the two lymph nodes have gone back to normal size. I am officially in remission. So this is good news. Of course, I will need to have more PET scans in the future. The next one will probably be in 3 months. I don’t feel like I can really celebrate until this thing is totally gone.

Meanwhile, I have been suffering for several days with a nasty ear infection. I’ve never had an ear infection before. It really hurts, and it aggrivates the sore in my throat left over from the radiation. Other side effcets are stubbornly hanging on as well. I am so impatient to get back to “normal”!