I’ve just got to hit pause from talking about me. I really hate to be that guy who always blogs about himself. Today I want to talk about a special group of people. When you get cancer, you start by seeing several doctors who set up the treatment plan. After that, all of the heavy lifting is done by nurses. Every morning in radiation I see three wonderful, sweet women who actually do all of the work. They run that crazy big machine. They never fail to ask me how I’m doing, or if I have plans for the weekend. They make a very impersonal experience personal. Once a week I see the doctor for a few minutes just to ask how things are going. The docs are great too.

On my two chemo days I am taken care of by Traci. Traci is awesome! She can joke with you when you want to joke around – which for me is really often. We keep this banter up for the three hours I am there on Wednesday and Thursdays. But if I need to get serious and talk medical stuff, she immediately switches into that mode. She doesn’t just care for me; she cares about me. Peggy and I just love her. We talk about our families and just share life. That is not in her job description.

I’ve got to say that all the nurses and other care givers I have dealt with in this whole process are just special people. They see people at their best and at their worst. In their world, they win some and they lose some. Their work matters. It really is life and death. It has got to be hard to process all of the emotions they take home with them every night.

I guess there is a lesson in this for all of us. We all come into contact with people every day. Do we treat everyone with dignity? Do we bother to ask them how their day is going? Do we show compassion? Do we act professionally when it is called for?


3 thoughts on “ANGELS OF MERCY”

  1. Chuck… Victory in Jesus for you…the Blood of Jesus be applied to bring that victory to full manifestation…sooooooooooo… you can be about Gods’ business again…Love and blessings to you and Peggy…

  2. Thank you Chuck about sharing your walk thru your cancer stuff. It never seems to surprise me how much God has used you thru your eyes to give us a glimpse of your world right now & to learn from it too ! I agree as I been a caregiver for 2 Dads these last few years how gifted these nurses are in extending us incredible care thru our health crisis , they make our journey easier.
    My Dad has a extensive sense of humor – and used it thru our tough times in rehab., and his recovery.
    Praying & reading your blog, thank you Chuck , & keep recovering , & recounting all you offer us !!
    Prayers for you !!, from Rick & Susie

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