I haven’t checked in for a while, so I thought I’d give a little update. Last week was a good one, I’m feeling much better. I started the week still not able to each much of anything. By the weekend I was getting more and more real food. I declared yesterday “No Can Sunday”, since it was the first day I didn’t have to put a can of jevity in my feeding tube. I had a protein shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, and ravioli for dinner in a restaurant. The side dish was asparagus. I was so happy. I was eating real green vegetables by themselves! You can’t imagine what a big deal that was for me.

A lot of food still doesn’t taste right. I taste some things well (like the asparagus), and other things just taste bland (like the ravioli). I hope all my ability to taste comes back. They say some things may not come back. The oddest one has been the inability to taste anything sweet. Since a lot of the things they recommend eating early on (shakes, protein drinks, ice cream, etc.) are sweet, none of that stuff tastes good to me. Now that I can eat more savory things, I’m beginning to enjoy it again.

This is a big deal! For over a month I didn’t eat anything by mouth. It’s weird but you kind of forget how to swallow! And when I first started trying to eat, NOTHING tasted good. It really messed with my head. I knew I needed to eat, but I almost dreaded it. I lost about 40 pounds. If you know what a “foodie” I am, that is crazy! Now I am just beginning to actually enjoy it. Hopefully, I can get rid of this tube very soon. I do hope to keep most of that weight off, and get back in better shape. I also lost a lot of the muscles in my arms and legs from lack of exercise.

I only have a week and a half to be ready for Thanksgiving. I hope by then I am ready to overstuff myself the way you are supposed to do on that day.


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