Converge: Part 2

In my last post I mentioned the three tools Converge uses to improve the pontential for success in church planting. I talked a bit about the assessment process. Another tool is one on one coaching. This is actually where I was introduced to Converge since they have been training several of us in the V3 movement to improve our coaching skills. I am currently coaching 1 church planter in the pre-launch phase and two potentilal church planters (who went through the assessment center this week).

Coaching is similar to mentoring in that it is best done one one one, and is aimed at helping the person being coached to improve their skills. However, unlike mentoring, coaching focuses on helping the candidate develop what is already there in their lives. It is about refocusing and resourcing. It is about helping the person set and meet personal goals. It is about asking good questions. If you are interested in coaching, a good starting place is “Coaching 101” by Bob Logan. This simple book provides a goos intro into the discipline of coaching.

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