Does your Church have a Logo?


Here is a list of 77 top logos as suggested by Church Relevance

Do such things as logos really matter for churches? The way you answer that question will probably be more driven by the type of learner you are than by your theology. Visual learners are drawn to symbols and metaphors that illustrate meaning. Being a visual learner myself, I am attracted to such things. So, I would say “Yes, logos matter!”

Our new logo at the Peninsula Baptist Association was designed by Josh Barnett, a sharp young graphics designer. We worked back and forth for several months until it had the look and feel we were going for. Our website is currently down as we incorporate our new look and feel. Hopefully, by the time you read this it will be back up at If it isn’t up, you can get a sneak peek at

We are all about being a Network of Churches, Equipping Churches for Kingdom Ministry. That had to be evident in this banner that we use for our newsletter and our website.

Here are a couple of good questions for you:

1. If your church currently has a logo – does that logo adequately communicate who you are and what you do?

2. If your church doesn’t have a logo – what image or metaphor would easily communicate who you are and what you do?

I was once in a conversation with a young church planter who was still in the dreaming phase. I asked him if his church had a name yet. He said, “No, but we have a symbol.” He proceeded to show me the symbol that would capture the mission of this new church.

In a media driven, image rich world – having a way to visibly communicate your identity is important.  Even the little things such as color, choice of font and background can communicate a feeling, an idea, or an identity.

For more info about “branding” your church, check out Scott Vaughan . Like his page and get access to his “vault” with articles on branding and communication.  His “Brand Development Worksheet” is particularly helpful.


One thought on “Does your Church have a Logo?”

  1. Love the new look of the PBA site! Can’t wait to see it up and running with a full version. You said it great Chuck! Branding is all about image and conveying a message. Today’s churches cannot forget that!

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