Talking with several pastors lately, it seems there is an epidemic in many of our churches. I often challenge pastors to lead. For the most part our people want a pastor who leads (not controls or dictates but leads). But many churches are being held back by a minority of people who resist leadership because they want to be in control. These people stubbornly hold on to leadership positions in the church in an attempt to repel any real change.

One of my favorite books is Unfreezing Moves by Bill Easum. Using a circle divided into four quadrants Easum describes four different attitudes of church people. The first, and most dysfunctional is defined by the question “Who is in control?” This quadrant describes the kind of people I am referring to. These people  ignore the mission, run counter to the values and are blind to the vision. Another book (can’t recall the title off the top of my head) refers to them as C.A.V.E. dwellers (constantly against virtually everything).

I would highly recommend Easum’s book for strategies to overcome the people who are keeping the church frozen.

One thought on “EPIDEMIC”

  1. Wikipedia cites the Orlando Sentinel as the first source labeling C.A.V.E. people. The author sited another “unnamed” source for credit in his September, 1990 Article.

    It’s hard to overcome this mentality for sure. It takes a STRONG leader, one who is not afriad to go against the grain. One who is genuine in his/her passion for Christ and spreading the word. It is an EPIDEMIC and it is a CRISIS. I pray for those who are suffering through existing leadership like this. I pray for those leaders stuck in this rut, that they will find the right path and open their hearts and minds so that their church can grow and prosper to Glorify God.

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