Expect Guests on Easter Sunday in Church

And be ready to make them feel welcome 

(I snatched this from Marketing guru Scott Vaughan. Contact info for Scott is at the bottom of the post.)

There’s a large number of people who will be moving to church services on Easter Sunday. For many people, this will be the only Sunday they attend church during the calendar year. So churches must approach Easter with their “A Game” when it comes to hospitality. Taken from my Greeter & Usher Ministry Training, here are five things to consider in your church:

  1. Have two greeters at each external door + plus one greeter for every 250 square feet of entrance space at each door. Greeters should be friendly people. Have a balance of men and women. Be door-openers for everyone. Greet everyone.
  2. Greeters should be the first to arrive and the last to leave the property. Many times, the best person-to-person connections occur as people are leaving the property.
  3. Identify greeters with a large button or name tag. Greeters should introduce themselves by name, and upon hearing the guest’s name – repeat the guest’s name back. People love to hear their name spoken back to them.
  4. Have a Welcome Center – even a simple one – at each door, serving as HQ for the door greeters. Don’t junk up the center with a bunch of paper. Have a nice card, pointing people to the church website and Facebook page. Invite guests to complete a follow-up card and leave it right there.
  5. Greeters should avoid conversations with people they know. These conversations allow other members and guests to enter the property without a proper welcome.

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