Is My “Better” better than your “Better”?

I recently read a quote from Santana Moss of the Washington Redskins related to Robert Griffin III’s leadership ability. Santana said “Everyone lines up behind him and says, ‘Take us to the Promised Land'”. If you consider yourself a leader, ask yourself if people are lining up behind you to follow you to the promised land.

I always appreciate the concise way Seth Godin puts things. This brief post (below) from his blog says a lot about Vision Casting. I find that many church leaders think of themselves as “visionaries” but can’t figure out why people aren’t standing in line to follow their vision.

Seth writes:

Four reasons your version of better might not be enough

I might not know about your better, because the world is so noisy I can’t hear you.

I might not believe it’s better, because, hey, people spin and exaggerate and lie. Proof is only useful if it leads to belief.

The perceived cost of switching (fear, hassle, internal selling and coordination, money) is far higher than your better appears to be worth.

Your better might not be my better. In fact, it’s almost certainly not.



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