I had a great conversation with John Chandler from The Spence Network ( today about “Clusters” – small gatherings bringing people together for spiritual growth and accountability. Much of what John is doing comes from Michael Breen ( and Breen’s work with 3DM (

This is very similar to the Pastor Clusters we are getting ready to begin in our association. It was good to be able to catch up with John and have him speak to our Pastor’s Fellowship today.

Getting Started

This is my first post. I recently became Director of Missions for the Peninsula Baptist Association. That is an odd title since I don’t “direct missions”. What I do is help existing churches get healthier and grow, support and network pastors, coach and train church planters, and oversee the work of the association. The focus of this blog will be on¬†observations that come from doing this work.

I spoke at Rock 17 Thursday night ( “fresh expression” of worship by a group of twenty-somethings from several different churches on the Peninsula. They meet on Thursday at 8 PM at the PBA building, 863 Cloverleaf Lane Newport New. This thing has the potential to reach young people looking for an alternative to Sunday morning church. All of the leaders of Rock 17 are involved in their own churches. They aren’t trying to “be” a church, but they certainly are “doing” church.