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I am looking forward to spending the afternoon with Scott Vaughan http://www.svministry.com/  a communications guru for churches. Scott helps churches optimize their communications systems (newsletters, email, etc.) , make good use of social media and work on “branding”. One of the first things I realized when I came into the position as Director of Missions for the Peninsula Baptist Association was that almost all of our systems were outdated and antiquated.

And, to make matters worse, what we were communicating through our website was all wrong. Our association has made a paradigm shift from a “Denominational Agency” that creates ministries for the church to support, to a “Network of Churches” supported by an associational staff whose primary role is to equip those churches to grow the kingdom of God.

Hopefully Scott is going to help us communicate that better. We have already taken a few baby steps. First, I began this blog – not to point to me and what I am doing, but as a resource to church plants and churches committed to growth and multiplication. Second, we have established a presence on Facebook (so far way under used by us). And I typically use my Twitter posts to promote the work of our churches. Hopefully we will be making many other changes in the coming weeks.

Scott will be staying over to do a conference tomorrow morning for church leaders who want to learn more about “The New Paradigm of Church Communication”. I am excited that a good number of people have signed up. What surprises me though is the majority of our churches that simply aren’t interested in improving their communications. And, to put it bluntly, these are often the churches who need it the most. It’s not too late to come. Just show up at our office (863 Cloverleaf Lane, Newport News) at 9 AM with 30 bucks in your hand and you are in.

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