So often these days customer service is non-existent. This is really odd since blogging and social networking give us all an instant voice to the world. Companies pay lots of money on advertising only to blow it with lousy customer service. Just when I have begun to think no company gets it any more I get a real surprise. Here is an email exchange between me and Hachette Book Group:


I purchased the box set of Malcolm Gladwell’s three books on audio. On disc 6 of “Outliers” there is something wrong with the audio. This occurred right out of the box so I know I didn’t damage it


Good day Chuck, sorry to hear you have a defective disk. Please let me know what your street address is and the ISBN number for the audio book so we may send you a full replacement.  

Thank you, Julie

Hachette Book Group

Customer Service



Thank you Chuck for this information. You should receive the replacement in about a week

Best regards, Julie

Hachette Book Group

Customer Service

A few days later I received a replacement for the whole three book boxed set (worth $80). Now that was unexpected! I would have been happy with a replacement of just the defective disc.  This is what Seth Godin refers to as “remarkable” (in other words, special enough that you want to remark about it).  And now look, I’m bragging about Hachette Book Group… on the internet.  That is the marketing world we live in. We MUST do the remarkable to survive in this world!

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