Here’s a quick update on where I am with my treatments. Last week I began having a lot of nausea. The doctor changed me to a different nausea medicine. This one works a lot better. The problem is – it makes me sleepy. I don’t mean a tiny bit drowsy. I mean I can wake up in the morning after being in bed for nine hours, walk downstairs, sit down, and fall right back to sleep for a couple of hours. I’ll take a nap after lunch time, get up for a few minutes, then go take another nap. The next thing I know, it is dinner time.

So I guess I can say, I’m at least well rested! Instead of trying to fight it, I have just been giving in to it. I only have two more days of treatments. Hopefully, the nausea will slowly start to go away after that. They tell me to expect the side effects to linger for a while. But it is nice to know that the worst will be over on Thursday.

I have been able to squeeze in a little work here and there. We are preparing for our annual gathering of the PBA on Monday and Tuesday of next week. I have mostly been busy with things related to the meeting. Since my voice is still very iffy, I recorded a message to be shown on Tuesday night of the meeting. It isn’t the same as speaking in person, but it will have to do for now.

Oh well, almost time for my next nap.


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