Are you wired to plant a church?

I’m writing this in the air, on the way home after spending several days with the great team from Converge Worldwide. We had the always difficult task of assessing if people are wired to plant churches.  I am worn out! Those guys have been doing this for quite some time and have really developed a comprehensive set of tools to help guide this process.

There are some very specific things assessors look for in a candidate. A lot of this is based on the pioneering work of Charles Ridley  in this field. The most often repeated truth that Ridley discovered is that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.  People who are wired to start things from scratch tend to be more successful at starting a church from scratch.

Personality type is also a big part of the picture. This particular Assessment Center utilizes three different tools (a form of the DISC profile, Golden Personality Portrait and Strength Finders). All of these alone are good tools, together they give an amazingly accurate profile.

The process also involves several scenarios in which candidates are placed in group settings and given a task or problem to solve. The candidates are also tested on evangelism skills,  Biblical knowledge and have the opportunity to preach a “mini-sermon” and share their philosophy of ministry. Spouses participate in all but these last two exercises.

So if you have ever wondered if you have the stuff to be the point person in a church plant, this is a great way to find out.