Second Edition

From the day I first received the hard copied of my book I began finding typo’s and small errors. Many of these were things that only I would notice, but it bothered me. I also came across passages that that could be worded better. This is probably an inevitable part of self-publishing. So, when I began running low on printed copies I decided to do a second edition. I went back through the book with a “fine toothed comb” looking for changes that needed to be made.

I truly believe the second edition is a much better product. I am almost afraid to read through it though, since I will always find things that could be worded better. With the workbook and the new edition, I truly believe these are excellent tools for churches considering their future. I have walked through the book and workbook with two cohorts of pastors, and with a church. In each case, we had great dialogue, and they began making concrete changes in their churches. This is what the book is all about.

I am currently looking to offer another cohort this fall, and I am looking for another church to walk through the process with. The book (and workbook) have eight chapters. We cover a chapter a week, using questions and discussions from the workbook in an interactive format.

I have also had the opportunity to present material from the book is several local church networks, and in many individual churches through one-day workshops.

I am glad to see that not only have people bought the book and workbook, but that they are using these tools to help shape the future of their churches. Please let me know if you would like me to come to your church for an evening, or to present the material over several weeks.