Workbook Finally Completed

As I write this I am waiting for the truck to arrive with several boxes full of my new workbook “What Happened to Our Church – Workbook“. I wrote this to help people wanting to study my book in a group environment. The workbook us full of practical tools and discussion starters for people who are serious about change in their church.

Since this was my second time doing self-publishing, the process was a bit easier – in that I knew what steps needed to happen to get the finished product. Sometimes it seems like there is an endless list of things that have to happen before a book is put into print. To me, the most important decisions have to do with cover art, type setting, and the actual printing. I was very pleased with the people who performed each of these tasks:

Cover Art – I went to Upwork (formally Elance) to the same company who handle my book. Chetan Wagh of Reality Info Systems handled the actual artwork, using the same cover design as the book.

Typesetting – Sarah Jennings of Tech Scribes Inc. was recommended to me by the printer. She did a great job on the interior layout.

Printing – Roger Mohn of Versa Press was so great to work with on my book that I went with them again for the workbook. I would be happy to provide contact information for each of these to anyone looking to self publish a book.

You may purchase either the book or workbook through Square at


Dealing With the Amazon Beast

One of the decisions I made when I published my book was whether or not to sell a Kindle Version online. I have the file, and can sell it direct without customers having to go through Amazon. The book page on this site has the link to purchase it that way. When someone uses that option, I only have to give Square their percentage, which is very small.

The difference is when someone buys the book on Amazon/Kindle about 60% of the cost goes to Amazon/PayPal/whatever company that distributes to Amazon. So for a book that someone pays $9.99, by the time everyone gets their cut, I get about $4. Luckily, this is an e-version, so it didn’t cost me to print. If I sold the print version online, I’d make practically nothing after printing costs!

Even with self-publishing, there are a lot of pockets to fill with the proceeds of your hard work. If you are thinking of self-publishing, I’d be happy to walk you through the process.