Thoughts from Dave Ferguson on Missional Small Groups

Re-Thinking Missional
In re-thinking our small group strategy we were very much aware that “missional” had become a buzz-word within church leadership circles. “Missional” often meant whatever it was that that particular leader was enthusiastic about. We wanted a comprehensive but simple explanation of the mission of Jesus. Over the course of about 18 months we concluded that the mission of Jesus could be summarized using the following three words: reach, restore and reproduce.

Reach – Jesus gave us the great commission and asked us to reach the world and help all people find their way back to God.
Restore – Jesus wants to restore his Kingdom and asked us to represent God to a hurting world and bring about restorative justice.
Reproduce – Jesus’ vision for accomplishing his mission would only occur through a movement of Christ followers who are living to reach and restore this world but also reproducing that in others.

With this comprehensive and simple understanding of mission we were now ready to re-think how to engage people in mission through small groups.

Note: Dave is the Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois, a great multi-site church.

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